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Welcome to RealPrizesAndGiveAways !!!!!
This site is a Division Of AdzNetMedia LLC.
Owned by Kelly Gibbs (mamasan)
Admin Username: Sabrinanne
Payouts :  DAILY!!
Minimum Cashout: $1
Referral Level: 10%
Thank you for joining and ENJOY your stay!

Be sure to use real personal info when doing offers (name, address, etc)

Be sure to complete the offers as they are described

Some offers have a "cap" so be active everyday

Never let a referral sign up while they're at your house

Be sure to do your PTC and Daily Clicks for cash

Dont give up when offers wont credit for you, this happens to everyone and usally does not last long

Check your inbox daily for messages and updates

Along with clearing your cookies make sure you also clear your temporary internet files

Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Be sure to participate in the contests to earn extra cash

You are only allowed one account per household

Participate in the referral contest for some extra cash on top of your regular referral earnings

If you participate on multiple sites - Keep track of the offers you've done

Refer friends & family for extra cash

Choose only the offers you are interested in

Once you complete the offer, leave the confirmation page open for at least 30 seconds

Turn off popup blockers off when completing offers

Never let another member log into their account using your computer

Very Important - No Bots - No Proxies

Make sure you only use an email address once for offers from the same company

It is best to use Internet Explorer or Firefox

Make sure you complete full surveys entirely, Click on silver & gold offers & let the pages fully load

Make sure your firewall or antivirus program is set to accept third party cookies

Be sure to keep a check on last offers credited, to see what is hot each day

Some of the e-mail submit offers credit better if you go to at least page 3 of the offer

Space out the offers you do that are in the same offer family

Be sure to confirm all e-mails you recieve

When doing offers say yes to 2-3 or more along the path

Be sure to let each page of the offer fully load before clicking next

Clear cookies between every offer

Use New Valid E-mail addresses for your offers, Do not use disposable e-mails.

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